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Where Did Pariah Start?

Pariah Cosmetics was started on the radical thought of, "what if you don't have to look like everyone else.?"


Our founder is Guinevere Johnson, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. Growing up, she struggled with poverty and her self esteem, looking to the arts as an escape from her insecurities. Shortly after being enrolled in college to become an illustrator, she soon realized that she would be unable to afford the schooling she needed to completion to obtain a degree, so she had to make a challenging decision to drop out of college. 


Now searching for her purpose, she discovered her confidence through makeup and decided to focus the use of her artistic abilities to the beauty industry and became a licensed esthetician. Soon after achieving her license for esthetics she started her own beauty studio where she provided services to private clientele. Unfortunately, the global pandemic wiped out what she was beginning to build and brought everything to a halt. Having to close down the business she had worked so hard to build, searching again for her purpose she looked back to cosmetics that brought her so much power and confidence. she found herself bored with the options that the market had to offer and began experimenting with a variety of products as though she could provide a solution to her own problem.

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The Magic Started to Form...

That's when she had the radical thought of "what if you don't have to look like everyone else?"

The discovery of her colored lashes came by accident when she failed to find any lashes that were not made from dyed animal fur, failed to find good quality lashes with color, and failed in her attempt to cover lashes with red eyeshadow to make her own colored lash. To her disappointment, the lash did not become totally coated with red. tired of attempting to make a colored lash, she tried on the lash and felt a spark of inspiration to create more looks using these crazy looking lashes covered in red eyeshadow!


Her imagination came to life and started drawing and designing other lashes mixing a color into each style, 4 of which are available to you today with many more to come!

About Our Products

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Korean Silk Fibers

Easy to Apply

Up to 24 Uses

Why You Should Become a Pariah Babe...





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